Carib & Co Brunch

Carib and Co Brunch is a community interest company and not for profit. A Company Limited by Guarantee to the benefit of the community.
  • Running a brunch event and brunch festival event at local popular areas and venues. We aim to provide a strong community focus, providing entertainment and a market style store service to local residents and holidaymakers.
  • Running pop up shops by retailing local products, including arts, clothes, greeting cards, jewellery, local produce, food and drinks plus more and providing a home delivery service for online orders to the local community.
  • Visiting local schools and training organisations who would benefit from a range of educational entertainment by running quarterly musical showcase with a strong educational focus and providing services and training to students and educators.
  • Providing educational audios, blogs and books that will benefit the local community, financial, education and health care organisations.
  • Providing workshops and training to support the community with direct experience of finance issues, mental health issues, covid-19 issues and much more.

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Carib and Co Brunch offers you the chance to create a free directory listing on our website. Upon approval you will be a part of our growing community of businesses, giving you another platform to promote your business. Terms and conditions apply. Please see here for more details. Register and join us today.

Really happy I stumbled across such an inspiring page. I love how it is using the platform to remind us of genuine issues that we need to address and that it is showcasing amazing and extremely talented small business owners!

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